Should I Give My Husband Another Chance

My husband doesn’t stop me from doing what I do but one day he said he doesn’t get time to spend with me like how he use to do. Dear Eppy, I am 28 years old and married for two years now. He also sent me a draft of a no-contact letter he would send to his mistress. Once he came home with a hickey on his neck and said it was nothing. The more you call, text, email, and contact her, the more. If you were happy, fulfilled, and loved your family life, it's hard to give all of that up because of one event. It takes 2 people to make a marriage and, if he refuses to be one of them, you are not going to have a marriage left. Should I give him another chance? Should I give him another chance? Most Helpful Opinion(mho) Rate. Chasing after eight or ten kids should keep her busy. I am a working woman married for nearly eight years and have two kids. The A makes you feel young and alive but it's not real. give my two cents phrase. The Magic Of Making Up. If you choose to give someone a second chance, you have to accept that holding it against them will just continue to make it a reoccuring issue. When trust has been so profoundly broken when vows have been so deeply violated nobody should tell you that you are obligated to give your spouse another chance, even if it is your spouse's first and only affair. Atingo have helped someone and i decided to give him a try to. - For my 1ST Grandchild (even if I was not ready to be a granny!) - For my health (Good and Bad) - It means that I have life. Your husband should never forgive you for the. In the Bible, the words “Fear not” occur 365 times, one for each day. In the Bible, the words "Fear not" occur 365 times, one for each day. I was 23 and she was 18. ) Well, since our marriage, he has cheated on me with 3 women that I know of, one